• All 3 Books - Shine Bright Trio! (Willow, Marvin & Wanda)


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    Buy the entire Shine Bright Kids set! Includes each title (3 books total) in the award-winning series that helps children have meaningful conversations about making good choices, life skills, values and building character.

    Just released, Whatever Wanda!, book #3 teaches about the importance of having a positive attitude and keeping an open mind. Wanda struggles to understand why everyone in her town goes so crazy over the Annual Rubber Duck Days Festival and is in serious need of an attitude adjustment! She refuses to participate in any of the events until she realizes that she is the only one not having fun. Once she decides to change her mind and her outlook, Wanda ends up having the best time of all!

    Can't-Wait Willow!, book #1, named a "Most Beloved Bedtime Story" by Red Tricycle and the "2013 Children and Teens Book of the Year" by BookGateways.com teaches the importance of learning to say "no" to little things that are good to end up with a big thing that is great! Willow has a little too much fun on her way to the much-anticipated circus show and gets so distracted that she runs out of time and money. She gets a second chance and ultimately learns that the best things are worth waiting for.

    Must-Have Marvin!, book #2 and named a "Best Book of 2014" by Atlanta Parent, Marvin must learn that people and relationships are more important than material possessions. Marvin is a bit too focused on getting new things for himself (mainly a super galactic toy robot!) instead of helping his friends, teachers and soccer team. He receives some wise advice from a neighbor and learns to focus more on others just in time to save the day.

    All copies are signed by Author. Request a personalized message for your loved ones (e.g., Happy Birthday, Sarah!, For the Johnson Family, or Congratulations on your graduation from Kindergarten, Ty!, etc.)

    (Suggested ages PreK-3rd Grade)

  • All 3 Books - Shine Bright Trio! (Willow, Marvin & Wanda)
  • All 3 Books - Shine Bright Trio! (Willow, Marvin & Wanda)
  • All 3 Books - Shine Bright Trio! (Willow, Marvin & Wanda)

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