• How will you Shine Bright today?

    At Shine Bright Kid Company, we want every child to shine their very brightest! We provide children and their families with tools that teach good decision-making and help build character. We believe the ability to make good choices in life is one of the key differentiators between people who ultimately reach their true potential and those who do not.

    The award-winning Shine Bright Kids book series (Ideals Books) teach practical life skills and bring ageless wisdom to the youngest generation. Through the adventures of amusing, loveable characters like Can’t-Wait Willow and Must-Have Marvin, key principles are explored including:

    • Setting Goals
    • Having a Positive Attitude
    • Taking Responsibility
    • Demonstrating Perseverance
    • Solving Problems
    • Respecting Others

    We know that the littlest people now will make the biggest impact later. Our mission at Shine Bright Kid Company is to equip future generations to build a brighter world.

    Choose Right. Shine Bright. Better Choices. Brighter World.


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